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HealthBook+ is a simple-to-use digital-first care platform that guides an individual’s next best health action using advanced AI while keeping their data private and secure. HealthBook+ identifies potential conditions early on and facilitates access to healthcare screening and services through secure chats, peer coaching, and education.

If your dream is to travel around the world, Voyship will assist you in various ways such as saving money by helping shoppers to get their product delivered from the country you will travel to and get the reward.

Ingene is the 1st lab in the middle east  that helps you to create customized health care plans tailored to a person’s particular individual needs.

we unleash your body secrets through analyzing your genes through a non invasive test to give you a full report with your unique traits and recommendations  to achieve your goals especially in the field of sports, nutrition and diet, beauty, hair and skin care,  in addition to a special test for teens and for your children to discover their potentials to improve their athletics and scholar achievements

Retro is a shopping platform & application launched from the United Arab Emirates and covers Middle East countries, where antiques sellers and buyers meet. It has cultural and artistic exhibits & services under one platform with reasonable prices. Under Retro’s umbrella, classy artistic taste meets whether they are sellers or buyers as they share the same passion. The application is easy to use as you can buy or sell various original antiques from your place and provides trust between users with the necessary guarantees.

Quix is a company with an ambition. Today it opens a new gate enabling you to enjoy the first-of-its-kind application in delivery apps innovatively accommodating all services in one platform. We know that the challenge in the race for excellence is big, however we are ready to move ahead and look optimistically forward, utilizing our human and material resources to build a diverse quality culture in delivery service sector.

Med Care Company is one of the first companies in the field of skin and hair care. It has been present in the Egyptian market since 2011. Its products are made with natural materials and are approved by many pharmacies across Egypt. It cooperates with dermatologists and health professionals from pharmacists to design products for women and men. It is one of the original distributors of the brands. Global Schwarzkopf – Wissmoore – Royal Derma – CHI

Established in Egypt, a country renowned for its rich history of innovation and precision since the ancient Pharaohs, Nara Studios strive for perfection in helping creatives, designers, visionaries, developers, artisans, marketers, business leaders, and individuals in any industry to captivate their audience through creative visual narratives.

Al-Ammari for Real Estate Investments Company is a Yemeni and Egyptian investment alliance that provides the best real estate consultancy and the strongest real estate investment opportunities in the Egyptian market, especially the new administrative capital. It serves the countries of the Arab world in all residential, administrative, commercial and hotel projects.

We are passionate about what we do, and we are driven by a shared vision of helping businesses achieve their goals through exceptional web development, UX, UI, and marketing services.