Build engagement and strategically grow your social media presence through shareable, likeable, engaging posts and content.

What Free Digital Could improve for you?

Connecting With Your User

Our agency not only monitors and manages your social media community but also produces interactive, shareable and relatable content that connects with your audience.

Consistency Is Key

Through planned scheduling and content calendars, we produce consistent content. Frequent posting creates an impactful connection with your audience as it helps them recognise your brand's voice and message

Reporting & Tracking

Our expert social media managers will regularly review performance and strategise new ways to improve performance and growth within your account.

How could Free Digital help your business?

Social media is an ever-changing landscape with altering algorithms and topical trends; to keep your competitive edge, you must prioritise your social media management strategy to keep your competitive edge. 


Do you see your social media as just an administrative task? Do you often scramble to put a post together at the last minute after realising you haven’t posted in a few weeks?


Perhaps no matter what you post, you can’t seem to achieve the results you want to see?


If you are looking for a more strategic approach and one that delivers results, we can help.


Our marketing experts are fully experienced in all social media platforms and will devise an optimised strategy that underpins a regular schedule for engaging content across your social media channels.

Why Do I Need Free Digital Social Media Agency?

How Can We Help?

By building your social media presence and engagement organically, you build brand awareness and trust, encouraging loyalty from your followers.


Social media is also the opportunity to show off your brand culture and personality. It’s your opportunity to stand out from your competition, reflect your business’s heart, make your brand different, attract new, quality employees, and further improve your business.


Now more than ever, when looking to your business, potential customers, clients, and employees will research to see your company’s culture, social impact and potential causes your business cares about.


Company culture illustrates your business’s personality and humanises your business effectively, helping you target and reach quality candidates as well as new businesses.

Why Choose Free Digital As Your Social Media Management Agency?

The curated content we create will leverage and work alongside your paid social ads by retargeting social engaged audiences, boosting posts and A/B testing to ensure that each organic social media post has a specific intention to drive engagement and followers.


Our initial recommendation is to start with a minimum of 15 hours a month for your organic social media to see an increase in your key social media metrics. 


Fifteen hours will produce a detailed curated automated content calendar, a monthly performance insight report and 3-4 pieces of curated content per week. The content will consist of video/image/reel/TikTok depending on audience insights into what engages best with your customer and business goals.


That’s not to say you shouldn’t spend more time creating and posting regular content. However, it depends on the scope of your budget. Consistency is key with organic social media growth, and if you can afford one of our larger packages to produce more regular content, of course, we encourage you to do so! 

What Areas Of Social Media Can We Assist With?

Our team can assist in all areas of social media marketing; if there is something you need specific help with, simply ask!

Content Creation

Our experts will produce high-quality, custom content such as short Instagram videos, stories, reels, highlight videos, gifs, image posts, and Tiktok’s engaging and take advantage of current social media algorithms. 

As well as producing content with intention, we also ensure that all posts represent your voice and are in line with your branding, ultimately creating a cohesive look and feel across all of your social media platforms. 

We aim to show an insight into your day to day and company culture as much as possible. We are happy to spend the day at your offices or warehouse creating content with your most valued social media assets, your employees.

As well as showing a behind the scenes look at your day to day operations, we are also fully equipped to produce professional product shots and video content for ecommerce brands such as unboxing videos, product reviews & product “how to’s”.

Content Calendars

We’ve said it before; we’ll say it again; consistency is key when it comes to social media growth. Having a content calendar helps us ensure you are posting consistently and plot out specific events, holidays, or times of year that are important to your audience and your business to capitalise on every opportunity.

Community Management

Community management is essential to keeping your audience engaged. Our marketing experts will effectively communicate and respond to any queries and comments whilst upholding your brand’s tone of voice and building valuable connections with your customers. We aim never to keep your customers waiting and always make sure you lead the conversation.

Insight Analysis

Our social experts will also produce regular monthly reports based on your social page insights to inform strategic and tactical decisions.

 This data-driven approach allows us to develop relationships with your customers by understanding what resonates most with them and delivering the results to prove it. 

Key Metrics: We initially look at your key metrics to better understand a quantifiable point to monitor progress. Whether that is audience growth, engagement, web clicks, or anything else.

Post Analysis: See which of the posts have performed best that month, broken down by impressions, engagement percentage and engagement breakdown, as well as seeing who and where your content is resonating with most with an analysis of your key demographics.

Hashtag Analysis: Our hashtag analysis lets us see which hashtags lead to more engagement for your posts and which we should avoid and strategise for future content.

Interested? Why not contact our friendly team today and see how we can take your socials to the next level.

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