Sky Replacement - Day Into Nights VFX

How to do Sky replacement and day into night visual effects

In this tutorial we’ll walk through the editing Process of the viral Tiktok and Instagram trend: Day into Night and Sky Replacement effects.

If you’re using another software rather than FCPX Like Adobe Premiere Pro, you could check the process and it’d be easy for you to apply it on Adobe premiere pro.

If you’d rather watch than read, watch this tutorial video to learn how to edit the VFX trend in Final Cut Pro X:


Sky Replacement visual effect

  • Add your row video into the project’s timeline.
  • Split it into two at the point of transformation.
  • Add Keyer effect from : effects / Video / Keyer to the second half.
  • In the Video Inspector window, select Keyer / Sample color, then select all the sky colors in order to disappear.
  • In the Video Inspector window,turn the Spill level all the way down.
  • In the Video Inspector window, select Matte Tools, then adjust the Shrink/Expand and Erode levels till every thing is looking perfect for you.
  • Add your new sky footage to the project timeline.

Day into Night visual effect

  • Add Day into night effect from : Effects / Video / Day into night to the second half.
  • In the Video Inspector window, select Day into night, then untick Match iMovie.
  • For the transition add 360 Bloom transition, and adjust it properly.
  • Adjust the Video Colors with the new effects ( Sky replacements and Day into night ) from the Color Inspector window.

Magic energy ball visual effect

  • Add the magical ball footage to the project’s timeline.
  • To remove the background go to the Video Inspector / Blend Mode and change it to Screen.
  • Add key frames to the ball’s position every frame or two.
  • Add a Mask from Effects / Draw Mask to make it realistic.
  • Draw you Mask with the pin tool.
  • Add key frames to the Transforms/Position and Control Points.
  • Then Adjust it frame by frame.
The used energy magic ball :…
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