Ever wonder how NFT projects sell out? Serious Marketing Strategy, Big Collabs & Engaged community. Massive Twitter & Reddit promo, NFT Collabs, and Influencer Marketing 

What Free Digital NFT Marketing Provides?

Marketing Strategy

Get an A-Z blueprint to grow your project & kickstart your project with the help of well connected specialists.

Twitter Growth

Engage with Your community & build trust. Connect with people deep inside the NFT industry

Discord Community

To build a healthy and engaging community we Choose the right community manager which leads to Growth through word-of-mouth

Influencer Marketing

Reach millions of followers, Work with hundreds of influencers at once, and Make Your NFT the next viral sensation


White List Giveaway collabs with established NFT projects Collabs with sold out communities & alpha groups with 200k+ members. Best performing service for NFT community growth

Articles Publishing

Reach up to 20M monthly readers, build social proof & authenticity around your project, and improve your search engine ranking

NFT Influencer & Thought Leader Marketing

NFT Influencer marketing has become the most trusted form of digital outreach.


We help your project grow with awareness and content through the right NFT influencers in the world across Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and more.

NFT Twitter Management

Twitter is The main social media platform in our industry.


We take full management of your account and make sure your account constantly has amazing content and is using industry best practices for growth.

Organic Growth

Content Marketing

Paid Ads

Engaging Community

NFT Public Relations & Earned Media

Fee Digital delivers deep NFT PR industry expertise which allows us to develop comprehensive communications strategies to reach a massively wide audience.


With contacts at the largest NFT publishers, influencers, and media, Free Digital Agency’s PR team helps clients secure organic coverage from the biggest names in the Web3 industry.


Our team will carefully craft coverage-securing releases, pitches, announcements, and more that bring eyeballs to your brand.

NFT Discord Set Up & Moderation

When it comes time to build an NFT community on Discord, our expert team will make sure your server is set up correctly with the right channels, roles, bots, and more. 

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    Why Free Digital NFT MArketing Agency?


    Being affordable is, of course, relative. Again, we’re a little different to other web development agencies. We’ve created our unique packages; allowing you to decide the budget that’s right for you. And whatever your budget, we have the expertise to make it work hard for you. Because we know great marketing doesn’t need to cost the earth!


    Our web development agency is built to deliver not just the best, but what you actually asked for, in the time you asked for it. However, we want to contribute to your success and offer ways you can make real, beneficial changes to your website with a close, collaborative working relationship, whether for a project or an ongoing partnership. We guarantee to keep you up to date with progress and speak your language.


    As a web development agency for small to medium businesses, we know that creating a website can be a huge undertaking. We will approach your redesign with your brand in mind, with fresh ideas but always bring our experience to the table, too. Free Digital Agency promise prioritised and realistic development strategies designed for your brand’s growth. Of course, ‘best practice’ and customer requirements are constantly evolving. Our web development agency helps you future-proof your platform and flourish with those changes.

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