Top 10 Digital marketing tools

Top 10 free Digital Marketing tools used by professionals

Improve your digital marketing strategy, Spy on your competitors and manage your projects effectively with these 10 tools.

The digital marketing industry is rapidly changing, and you have to be as fast as the digital world to get the best results in your upcoming projects and campaigns.

Marketers need tools more than ever to automate repetitive tasks, augment our skills, collaborate more effectively, and scale what we’re doing right.

Check out these popular tools and see why they’re trending.


SEMrush Domain Overview
SEMrurh keyword overview

SEMRush is a powerful and comprehensive suite of digital marketing tools that helps you track, organize and maintain your entire digital marketing campaign.

It helps you monitor your competitors’ organic and paid search performance, uncover valuable keywords and optimize your own website’s organic search performance to drive traffic to your site

SEMrush provides 55+ tools to help you compete against your competitors.

SEMrush offers features for social media competitive analysis, CRO, PPC spying, and PR monitoring

SEMrush Free Tools :

  • You can run 10 keyword searches per day using the Keyword Magic Tool or the Keyword Overview
  • Analyze up to 10 domains per day using Domain Overview
  • Track up to 10 keywords using the Position Tracking tool
  • You can crawl up to 100 URLs with the Site Audit.
  • This includes crawls of any given domain, subdomain, or subfolder
  • Monitor your local SEO listings

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Trello Board

Trello is the visual tool that empowers your team to manage you digital marketing projects or any type of project, workflow, and task tracking.

Add files, checklists, or even automation: Customize it all for how your team works best. Just sign up, create a board, and you’re off!

Trello For Free :

    • Unlimited cards
    • Up to 10 boards per Workspace
    • Unlimited Power-Ups per board
    • Unlimited storage (10MB/file)
    • 250 Workspace command runs per month
    • Custom backgrounds & stickers
    • Unlimited activity log
    • Assignee and due dates
    • iOS and Android mobile apps

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Hootsuite social media management dashboard
Hootsuite social media management dashboard

Hootsuite is a social media management platform that helps you:

  • Connect to all your social accounts.
  • Craft new posts and schedule them to multiple social accounts at the same time using it’s publishing features.
  • Get an overview of your social media channels and monitor your posts and messages.
  • Measure your performance across all your social accounts and create custom reports to show the impact on your brand and bottom line.
  • View upcoming scheduled content, collaborate in real-time and create more effective campaigns with real-time recommendations on the best time to publish based on your social profiles.

Use Hootsuite For Free :

For free you could choose two accounts to manage, Schedule content, and Analyze from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, or Pinterest.


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Canva is a free-to-use online graphic design tool. Use it to create social media posts, presentations, posters, videos, logos and more.

Canva allows you to choose and edit a design without specific skills to create a stunning pixel-perfect design.

Also, Canva provides graphic animation, infographics, and videos.

Canva Is Free?

Yeah, Canva is Free to use with many templates to start with and edit. They got premium plans but basically, everything you need to start is free.

Check :


More detailed information about your perfect social media images and videos size.


Inflact marketing toolkit

Inflact is a social media marketing solution mostly used with Instagram, which provides features such as post scheduling, profile analyzer, chatbot, CRM, AI-powered hashtag generator, and growth analytics.

Inflact packs a lot of tools that not only target your present customers but also help you attract new ones, connect with them, and basically reach more people with your content or products.

Inflact Free Tools :

  • Instagram Profile Analyzer ( for your competitors ).


  • Instagram anonymous story viewer.


  • Download videos, photos and stories.

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Meta ( Facebook ) - Ads Library

Meta ( Facebook ) Ads Library

The Ad Library is a place where you can search for ads that are running across Meta Products ( Platforms ) such as; Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Audience network.

You can use it to get information about the ads you see.

For all ads, you can search for ads that are currently active on the Meta Products.

the Ad Library also shows you additional information about these ads, such as who funded the ad, a range of how much they spent and the reach of the ad across multiple demographics. We store these ads in the library for seven years.

Use Meta Ad library tool to :

  • Searching the Ad Library
  • Viewing all active ads
  • Viewing ads about social issues, elections or politics
  • Viewing ads about housing
  • Viewing the Meta Ad Library report
  • Using the Ad Library API

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Starting to use Facebook for business ? Check how to create a professional Facebook page.



Slack is a messaging app for businesses that connects people to the information they need. By bringing people together to work as one unified team, Slack transforms the way organizations communicate.

Slack organizes conversations into channels, where everyone can come together in one place to share ideas, make decisions and move work forward. It helps teams operate faster and stay in sync, wherever they are.

Slack makes access to your colleagues easy — message anyone inside or outside your organization and collaborate just like you would in person. People can work in dedicated spaces called channels that bring together the right people and information.

Slack supports asynchronous work. When work is organized in channels, no matter your location, time zone, or function, you can access the information you need on your own time. Ask questions, get caught up, and share updates without having to coordinate schedules. 

Is Slack free?

Free, Pro, and Business+

You can use the free version of Slack with some limitations, or upgrade to a paid plan to access more features.


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Google Analytics

google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web analytics service that provides statistics and basic analytical tools for search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing purposes.

The service is part of the Google Marketing Platform and is available for free to anyone with a Google account.

Google Analytics is used to track website performance and collect visitor insights. It can help organizations determine top sources of user traffic, gauge the success of their marketing activities and campaigns, track goal completions (such as purchases, and adding products to carts), discover patterns and trends in user engagement and obtain other visitor information such as demographics. Small and medium-sized retail websites often use Google Analytics to obtain and analyze various customer behavior analytics, which can be used to improve marketing campaigns, drive website traffic and better retain visitors.

Google Analytics is totally free:

It gives you the tools, free of charge, to understand the customer journey and improve marketing ROI.

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Vaizle is the only tool that will give you analytics on all of the key players (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram) and let you tailor-make your reports.

Vaizle is a social media analytics tool designed for brands, agencies and influencers, startups and enterprises who need actionable insights in the simplest possible way when their company

Vaizle Free tools :


Vailze free tools

Copy AI

CopyAI is an AI writing tool that saves you time and increases conversion rates. Their tool’s value proposition will bring an end to writer’s block and generate marketing copy in seconds.

You can use to generate :

  • Digital Ad copy
  • Social media content
  • website copy
  • Ecommerce copy 
  • Blog content
  • Sales copy

Copy AI free tools :

It’s free to use up to 2,000 generated words per month.

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